4 – AITND Term II Interview W Justin V2 V2

We’d like to introduce you to Justin. A quant who has worked at places like Blackrock scientific active equity team. An elite team of data driven quants. Justin helped us develop the program and drew upon his background in natural language processing to design the first project in term two. So, Justin, how did you … Read more

2 – AITND TII 02 Overview Of Term 2 V1

What’s in store for term two? Well, term two is design such that you build upon the foundation you developed in term one and get your hands dirty working on some of the most relevant applications of AI and machine learning to quantitative investment today. You will develop skills to automate the analysis of text-based … Read more

1 – AITND TII 01 Recap Of Term 1 V1

Hi, and welcome to term two of AI for trading. We’re so glad that you’re here because we have so much exciting stuff to share with you. Let’s take a moment and recap what you learned in term one. In the first term of this program, you focused on developing domain knowledge and quantitative finance. … Read more