5 – Pitching to a Recruiter

Hi, I’m Chris. >> Hi, I’m Trinh. Nice to meet you. >> Nice to meet you too. Are you a software engineer? >> No, actually, I’m a technical recruiter at Udacity. >> Cool, I actually really like Udacity. I’m taking a number of Udacity’s online courses. You guys have really helped me learn at my … Read more

4 – Elevator Pitch

As I was coming up with my elevator pitch during my career change, I kept thinking about two things. One, what did I want employers to know about me? And two, what was I most proud of? I wanted employers to know that I’m passionate about education, but I wanted to be a software engineer. … Read more

3 – Elevator Pitch

Regardless of which type of networking event you attend, the number one thing that will help you navigate all of them is having a great elevator pitch. Elevator pitches were originally known as sales pitches and lived solely in the business world. However, they soon became popular across all industries because it was a way … Read more

2 – Meet Chris

Hey Chris. >> Hi Trinh. >> Over the past year that we’ve been working together on the careers team at Udacity, you’ve developed so much, so many of our web apps, so many of our data backend, and I was really surprised when I learned that you’ve actually only been a software engineer for a … Read more

1 – Why Network_

Hi, I’m excited to work with you on using networking to find more work opportunities. The more people you know, or the more presence you have online, the more likely you’ll be able to find opportunities or have opportunities find you. I want to share a story with you. The first time I networked was … Read more