3 – Linear Transformations 3

Let’s see what this looks like in the most general case, where your matrix has entries a, b, c, d. And remember, this matrix is just a way of packaging the information needed to describe a linear transformation. Always remember to interpret that first column, a, c, as the place where the first basis vector … Read more

2 – Linear Transformations 2

So how do you think you could describe these transformations numerically, if you’re say, programming some animations to make a video teaching the topic? What formula do you give the computer, so that if you give it the coordinates of a vector, it can give you the coordinates of where that vector lands? It turns … Read more

1 – Linear Transformations 1

Hey everyone, if I had to choose just one topic that makes all of the others in linear algebra start to click and which too often goes unlearned the first time a student takes linear algebra, it will be this one. The idea of a linear transformation, and its relation to matrices. For this video, … Read more