1 – Jupyter

Now I’m going to introduce you to Jupyter notebooks. Notebooks are an amazing tool for data analysis, where text, code, and images all sit in one document in your browser. Here’s an example notebook where I explored predicting body fat percentage with various regression models. Up top here you see what’s called a text cell. … Read more

3-3-1-12. Finishing up

Congratulations! At this moment, you must have learned to: Install the Jupyter notebook. Start new or upload an existing notebook, and utilize markup features. Get acquainted with the keyboard shortcuts and magic keywords. Converting notebooks to other file formats. You’ve made it to the end of this short course on tools in the Python data … Read more

3-3-1-10. Converting Notebooks

Converting Notebooks Notebooks are just big JSON files with the extension .ipynb. Since notebooks are JSON, it is simple to convert them to other formats. Jupyter comes with a utility called nbconvert for converting to HTML, Markdown, slideshows, etc. The general syntax to convert a given mynotebook.ipynb file to another FORMAT is: The currently supported output FORMAT could be either of the following (ignore … Read more

3-3-1-4. Launching the Notebook Server

Launching the Notebook Server To start a notebook server using a command-line interface, open the Terminal/Anaconda prompt, and navigate to the directory where you’d like to create notebook files (.ipynb). You can confirm the present working directory using pwd. Next, enter the following command in your terminal/Anaconda prompt The command above will start the Notebook server … Read more

3-3-1-3. Installing Jupyter Notebook

Installing Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter notebooks automatically get installed with the Anaconda distribution. You’ll be able to use notebooks from the default environment. If you are using Miniconda, there are multiple ways you can install the Jupyter notebook. You can install Jupyter notebooks in a conda environment using the following commands in your Terminal/Anaconda Prompt: If you are … Read more

3-3-1-1. Objectives

Welcome to the next lesson, Jupyter Notebooks, where you will learn an easy and convenient way to create and share a document that contains text, code, videos, equations, and images! Meet Your Instructor Mat will be your instructor! Mat is a former physicist, research neuroscientist, and data scientist. He did his Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Fellowship at … Read more