8 – Normalizing 2

And now finally, we come up with the actual posterior, whereas this one over here is often called the joint probability of two events. And the posterior is obtained by dividing this guy over here with this normalizer. So let’s do this over here–let’s divide this guy over here by this normalizer to get my … Read more

59 – Bayes Rule Conclusion

Great job finishing this lesson on Bayes rule. At this point, you’ve now gained a ton of valuable knowledge about probability, conditional probability and Bayes rule. To reinforce your understanding of these topics, let’s go through some probability practice using Python. You’ll do this in the next lesson.

58 – Using Sensor Data

Once we gather sensor data about the car’s surroundings and its movement, we can then use this information to improve our initial location prediction. For example, say we sense lane markers and specific terrain, and we say, hmm. Actually, we know from previously collected data that if we sense landlines close to the sides of … Read more

57 – Bayes’ Rule and Robotics

Bayes rule is extremely important in robotics and it can be described in one sentence. Given an initial prediction, if we gather additional related data, data that our initial prediction depends on, we can improve that prediction. For example, let’s say our initial prediction also known as a prior belief, is an estimate of a … Read more

56 – Reducing Uncertainty

Let’s talk a bit more about why uncertainty is so important in the field of robotics and self-driving cars. We know that measurements like the speed, the direction, and the location of a car are challenging to measure and we can’t measure them perfectly. There’s some uncertainty in each of these measurements. We also know … Read more

55 – Sebastian At Home Solution

And I get 0.0217, which is a really small thing. And the way I get there is what taking home times the probability of rain at home normalizing it using the same number of a year plus the calculation for the same probability of being gone is 0.6 times the rain I’ve been gone has … Read more