9 – AffdexMe Demo

The best way to understand how emotion AI works is by example. Would you like to see a live demo? Sure. Why not? Everyone wants their computers to understand them better. All right, so here’s the demo. Basically, what’s happening here is that the algorithm is looking for faces and it’s detecting your face by, … Read more

8 – 09. Training a Model

So, I’ve just described a computer vision pipeline that takes in a sequence of images and through a series of steps can recognize different facial expressions and emotions. But it still seems kind of mysterious. Can you talk a bit about how exactly a model like this can be trained to recognize different facial expressions? … Read more

7 – 08. Computer Vision Pipeline

Let me walk you through a sequence of steps that you need to analyze facial expressions and emotions. Other computer vision tasks have different desired outputs and corresponding algorithms, but they use a similar overall pipeline. First off, a computer receives visual input from an imaging device like a camera. This is typically captured as … Read more

6 – Vision-based Emotion AI

So Rana, at Affectiva you build software that reads emotion from facial expressions. I was wondering if you could tell us a bit more about your background and how you got involved in this work. Sure. So I studied computer science as an undergraduate at the American University in Cairo and I was really interested … Read more

5 – 05. Emotional Intelligence

Today I’m with Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, Co-founder and CEO at Affectiva, a company that uses computer vision to build systems that are emotionally intelligent. Rana, I’ve been talking to our students about the role vision plays at a basic level in AI systems by helping to recognize objects and behavior but your work is … Read more

4 – 04. Computer Vision Applications

When we think of computer vision’s role in AI, we often focus on smart object and behavior recognition. We’ve already talked about the self-driving car example, in which computer vision is used to recognize cars and pedestrians and also recognize their behavior, like whether they’re moving fast or slow or even moving erratically. But there’s … Read more

3 – 03. Role In AI Render

Some of you are probably wondering how vision fits into artificial intelligence. Why do AI systems need to see? Why do they need vision? Well, the basis of any AI system is that it can: one, perceive its environment and two, take actions based on those perceptions. And as we noted previously vision is a … Read more

2 – 02. What Is Vision_

So, what is vision? At its most basic, vision or visual perception is the act of observing patterns and objects through sight or visual input. But vision is so much more than that. It allows us to build a model of the physical world. For example, take a look around you and think about what … Read more

10 – Emotion as a Service

Thank you for sharing this with us. It sounds like you and your team have put in an incredible amount of effort to build this service. I’m wondering if we can use this to build apps of our own. Absolutely. At Affectiva we’ve made it really easy for you to incorporate emotion AI into your … Read more

1 – Welcome to Computer Vision

One of the most fundamental ways we learn about our world and environment is through our sense of sight. Our ability to see permeates our very being. It has come to define, not only how we see the physical world, but also how we see the abstract. We speak of a company or an entrepreneur … Read more