5 – Search

So here’s our Sudoku puzzle. After running constraint propagation by iterating the functions eliminate and only choice we get to this point. Where in each box we’ve recorded the values that are allowed in that box. And let’s pick one at random, say this one with values eight and nine. Since we don’t know what … Read more

4 – Constraint Propagation

So let’s recall what we’ve done. We have two techniques to reduce our Sudoku. The first one is elimination, which consists of picking a box with a value and removing this value from all its peers. [BLANK_AUDIO] And the second one is called only choice, which consists of picking a unit, and if there’s only … Read more

3 – Only Choice

Now we’ll learn a technique called only choice. Let’s focus on this unit here, this three by three square. If we apply the elimination technique, we get that the only possible values for each box in this unit are these. [BLANK_AUDIO] So for example, for this box here with a 4 and a 9, we’ve … Read more

2 – Eliminate

Okay, here’s our first technique. It’s called Eliminate, and it works as follows. Let’s start with a simple board, and let’s say we have one box filled in. For example, this box is filled in with a seven. So what do we know? Well, we know that every row, column, or three-by-three square must contain … Read more

1 – Intro

Hi and welcome to the first lesson of the Udacity artificial intelligence nanodegree program. My name is Luis Serrano and I’m one of the instructors here at Udacity. Before being here I used to work in machine learning in Google. I’m the team that generated your YouTube video recommendations. In this lesson we’ll learn two … Read more