30 – Bayes Rule

So you just learned about what’s probably the most important piece of math with this task, in statistics, called Bayes Rule. It’s invented by Thomas Bayes, who was a British mathematician and a Presbyterian minister in the 18th century. Bayes rule is usually stated as follows. P(A|B) where B is the evidence and A is … Read more

26 – Cancer 03

Now ultimately I’d like to go what’s the probability I have this cancer, given that I’ve just received a single positive test. Before I do this, please help me filing out some other probabilities that are actually important. Specifically, the joint probabilities. The probability of a positive test and having cancer. The probability of a … Read more

2 – Probability Coin Flip

[BLANK_AUDIO] So let’s start with probabilities. Probabilities are the cornerstone of artificial intelligence, and they are used to express uncertainty. And the management of uncertainty is really key to many, many things in AI, such as machine learning and Bayes network inference, and filtering, and robotics, and computer vision and so on. So let’s start … Read more