3 – VUI Applications

VUI applications are becoming more and more common place. There are a few reasons driving this. First of all voice is natural for humans. It’s effortless for us to converse by voice compared to reading and typing. And secondly, it turns out it’s also fast. Speaking into a text transcriber is three times faster than … Read more

2 – VUI Overview

Let’s take a closer look at the basic VUI pipeline we described earlier.To recap, three general pieces were identified. Voice to text, text input reasoned to text output, and finally, text to speech. It starts with voice to text. This is speech recognition. Speech recognition is historically hard for machines but easy for people and … Read more

1 – Welcome

Hello and welcome to voice user interfaces. A VUI is a speech platform that enables humans to communicate with machines by voice. To help you learn how to design voice user interfaces we have Dana Sheahen. Hello. This is a great topic and I’m delighted to have the chance to teach it. VUIs used to … Read more