4-2-1-6. Mini Project Intro

Now, this is your turn to shine. In the following Karris lab, we’ll be applying all we’ve learned so far in order to build a neural network that will help us analyze actual real data. The data consists of thousands of movie reviews from IMDb, and the challenge will consist of predicting the sentiment of … Read more

4-2-1-5. Optimizers in Keras

Keras Optimizers There are many optimizers in Keras, that we encourage you to explore further, in this link, or in this excellent blog post. These optimizers use a combination of the tricks above, plus a few others. Some of the most common are: SGD This is Stochastic Gradient Descent. It uses the following parameters: Learning rate. Momentum … Read more

4-2-1-4. Lab: Student Admissions in Keras

Predicting Student Admissions with Neural Networks in Keras In this notebook, we predict student admissions to graduate school at UCLA based on three pieces of data: GRE Scores (Test) GPA Scores (Grades) Class rank (1-4) The dataset originally came from here: http://www.ats.ucla.edu/ Loading the data To load the data and format it nicely, we will use … Read more

4-2-1-3. Pre-Lab: Student Admissions in Keras

Mini Project: Student Admissions in Keras So, now we’re ready to use Keras with real data. We’ll now build a neural network which analyzes the dataset of student admissions at UCLA that we’ve previously studied. As you follow along with this lesson, you are encouraged to work in the referenced Jupyter notebooks at the end … Read more

4-2-1-1. Intro

Keras Hi again! Now, we know all there is about training and optimizing neural networks, and we’ve actually trained a few of them in NumPy, But this is not what we normally do in real life. There are many packages which will make our life much easier. The two main ones that we’ll learn in … Read more