11 – MV 05 Time Management V1

The single biggest contributor to student success in nanodegree programs is time management. We at Udacity aim to create a learning experience that will motivate you to stick with your learning and help you get excited to engage with content all the time. But, realistically, many students have a lot of other things going on in their lives like jobs, families, or other big commitments. Because of that, we provided you with a timeline in your program to help you pace yourself. This will allow you to make substantial progress, and will also act as a guide to how you’re doing. You can think of the suggested deadlines as learning milestones to shoot for. Each one represents a tremendous amount of effort and growth toward your goals. If you’re not able to meet a deadline all is not lost. The most important thing is to stick to a rhythm of learning that you can sustain and to dive right back into your nanodegree program as soon as you can if you have to take a break. To figure nanodegree learning into your life effectively, I recommend a two-pronged approach. Tip number one, continue to block out time on your calendar each week for your nanodegree program. The most successful Udacity students work on their content and projects multiple times a week, not just in one big block. Having at least three substantial chunks of learning times sprinkled throughout your weekly schedule will help you create a sustainable routine and will help your learning stick much better. Tip number two, slot in smaller chunks of learning whenever you have a few minutes free. Using Udacity’s mobile apps is a great way to turn your train ride, time waiting in a line, or random free moment into a productive step toward your goals. Every little bit counts. Following these best practices will give your brain frequent chances to digest new material, which will help you develop strong skills and deep knowledge. Before you know it, jumping into new challenges and keeping up with your timeline will feel much more natural.

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