4 – M1L1 Introducing The Instructors 1 V4

Hi, I’m Miriam. Every nanodegree program created at Udacity comes to life through the efforts of many, many hard-working people. It’s my very great pleasure to introduce you to the team of instructors and industry experts who will guide you on your learning journey. First step, your Udacity instructors. Jonathan is an expert in quantitative investment strategies, he has a ton of experience relevant to what you’ll learn in this program. He was Global Head of Equities at Millennium Management and co-head of America’s Equity Derivatives Trading at JPMorgan. Cindy was a quantitative analyst at Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Ping An securities. Cindy oversees this nanodegree program as the curriculum lead. Brok has designed several coding projects that students build in Udacity’s deep learning self-driving car and artificial intelligence nanodegree programs, and now this one as well. Liz completed her PhD in Physics and experimental neuroscience, she was also a data science instructor at the data incubator. Eddie rect at BlackRock, Thompson writers and Morgan Stanley and has degrees in financial engineering and computer science. Miriam, that’s me, I’m the senior learning strategist here at Udacity. That I felt courses in mathematics physics and programming here. I’ve also worked on our community student experience and motivational design, and you’ll be hearing from me throughout this program. Arpan has taught computer science courses for Georgia Tech and also for you Udacity’s deep learning and natural language processing nanodegree programs. We also worked with a team of industry experts who helped to put together the course materials that will introduce you to the exciting and fast-moving world of quant training. Kendall has worked as a quant trainer at hedge funds such as Citadel and Millennium partners. He also worked as a quantitative researcher at JPMorgan. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and financial mathematics. Justin has held a variety of roles in industry. He was an Investment Strategist at BlackRock Scientific Active Equity Group and most recently, he was a quant research analyst at MUFG Highmark capital. Harry developed algorithmic trading software at Morgan Stanley and was also a portfolio manager at apogee fund management. He is also the Chief Technology Officer at Carlisle blue wave. Murat has a PhD in statistics and has spent his entire career in systematic electronic trading. He’s currently a quant researcher at redex training and has worked for JP Morgan and Citadel. All of us are so excited to support you as you learn and grow, and now I hand you over to Liz and Eddie to talk about the program overview.