6 – M1L1 MV 01 Intro In The First Five V1

Hey there. I’m Miriam and I work on student motivation and learning science at Udacity. I’ll pop up at different moments throughout your needed degree experience, to give you context for why we’ve designed your learning experience as we have. The goal of the entire Eudacity team is to support you in meeting your goals, whether you’re here to expand your understanding of topics you’re interested in, or unlock a whole new stage of your career. To help you grow in the ways that you want to, we’re going to provide you with productive challenges that will stretch your brain, as well as powerful support from your community. We’ll guide you in learning by doing, through your projects, through helping out your fellow students, and through questions we asked you in the classroom to let you play around with your new knowledge and skills. Actively engaging your brain in these ways will help you develop deep, flexible, long-lasting learning. We can’t wait to see where you go and what you do with all that you gain here.

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