1 – MV 05 Intro To Module 2 V1

Welcome back. In this set of lessons, we’re going to expand on the fundamentals even building, to prepare you for some neat stuff we’ll do later. We’re going to begin with a bird’s eye view of strategy development, so that you understand the stages of this and how the activities of each stage fit together. We’ll talk about weird data points, outliers, a discussion that will help you start to get a feel for the type of data used in quantitative trading. We’re also going to discuss the very important concepts of regression and time series analysis, which are basic building blocks we’ll need to introduce later concepts. We’ll discuss the very important concept of volatility or variability in returns, which is frequently used as a measure of risk, which people in the trading world are constantly talking about. Finally, we’ll discuss Paris trading, another very important type of trading strategy. This set of lessons is designed to help you build out your understanding of the ideas, data, tools, and concepts, fundamental to trading strategies. Let’s go for it.

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