1 – MV 11 Intro To Module 03 Difficulties In Learning V1

Hi there. These next few lessons we’ll give you a broad overview of mutual funds, hedge funds, and exchange traded funds. The second half will be a deep dive into portfolio optimization, which is really exciting because it will help you build the mathematical skill sets that you’ll want to have as a quant. Now, I have to admit that math tends to scare me sometimes. Well actually, okay, math always scares me a lot. But math is also very cool. When you learn the math, its like gaining superpowers that let you extract meaning from the chaos of numbers. With that said, we’d still like to acknowledge that diving into the math can still feel scary or overwhelming, especially when you feel like it’s just you alone in a library or a coffee shop. I’ve been through several Eudacity Nano degrees as a student, and I also felt like sometimes it was just me and my computer in a library. I’d like to share a bit of advice for getting through the more challenging material in an online learning environment. What really helped me get through some of the more challenging subjects was reaching out online to interact with my classmates. I’d either ask questions when I was stuck, or tried to answer other student questions. I would also post curriculum suggestions, and sometimes I’d get a response from someone at Eudacity. Whether your online chats directly answered the question you’re trying to solve, they help you by building a community that supports you, and also motivates you. It’s one of the important side benefits that you’ve already experienced when you take in-person classes, because you’re surrounded by other people with shared goals and shared experiences, because they have empathy for you and your struggles. In the Eudacity classroom, your classmates and mentors are there with you too just connected by modern technology. Also, we want to remind you that there’s a whole team of people at Eudacity, many of whom may not necessarily be on camera, that are working to support you on your journey. We encourage you to regularly connect with your fellow classmates so that you can support each other on your journey through the program.

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