13 – M4 L4 20 Outro V1

Wow. Just wow. I am really proud of you. You made it through factor models and all the portfolio optimization content. This is tough stuff, no bones about it. This is a huge accomplishment on your part, and I congratulate you. Maybe, take a few minutes and think back to everything you have learned since you started this Nanodegree. Back in the beginning, we were talking about stock prices, adjusting for corporate actions, Panda’s time series operations but since then, you’ve created several trading strategies, learned a number of modeling techniques, learned about portfolio optimization, and now, finally, you’re seeing how to put it all together into a real professional level institutional trading strategy, drawing in novel ideas for Alphas. This is a huge progression. Onwards and upwards, time to put your knowledge to work. This project is truly top notch and I think you’ll learn a lot by getting through it. I’m excited for you. I hope you enjoyed it.