2 – M4 03 Coming In Term II V1

Hi there. Congratulations again on completing term one of the AI for Trading nanodegree program. You’ve built a solid foundation in quant research over these last few months. In term two, you’ll build upon this foundation with an emphasis on advanced techniques using natural language processing and deep neural nets. You’ll use these AI methods to process alternative data and generate trading signals. After, you’ll learn and practice back testing, which is a crucial step in research and which is not often taught in academic or online courses. Gaining concrete experience in Thoreau backtesting is what will enable you to find actionable signals and differentiate the real signals from the noise. Finally, you’ll also learn advanced techniques for Alpha combination using machine learning. Alpha combination is also a key step in the quant workflow, as real-world portfolios, use a combination of signals from multiple Alphas. Deciding not only which Alphas to include but how to combine them is a key skill set to have as a quant researcher. We’re really excited about what’s coming up in term two and I hope you are too.

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