1 – MV 03 Transition To Project 01 V1

Congratulations on getting through your first batch of lessons. Next on your agenda is your first project, trading with momentum, where you’ll implement a momentum trading strategy and perform a statistical test to conclude if there’s alpha in the signal. That sounds like a really interesting project. Does a bode on the learning we’ve been doing up until now? It does. This project will give you an overview of the Quant workflow. By preprocessing data with pandas, implementing a trading signal, and evaluating it’s performance. Sounds like students will get a chance to use all the skills they’ve been building up until now, but in a really industry-relevant way. Completely. We’ll use this foundation in later lessons where you’ll learn more advanced techniques to generate trading signals, construct a portfolio, and evaluate its performance. That’s awesome. Projects are a super powerful learning tool, they give you a chance to bring together all the skills and knowledge you’ve built up until now and apply them in new and interesting ways. Totally. I love doing projects. They certainly can feel a bit challenging, but even though I don’t always see the solution straight away, they help me grow in really meaningful ways. Totally. That’s a great point. Since projects are these big learning opportunities, it’s totally normal to find them challenging. Luckily, in your Nanodegree Program, you get to iterate on your projects just like you do with work in the real world. That’s right. You’ll get personalized feedback on each project you do from our expert project reviewers that will help you see what you’ve learned already and how you can keep learning and improving your work. If your project doesn’t meet the specifications the first time or even a number times beyond that, that’s totally normal. Yeah. Again, projects themselves are meant to stretch your knowledge and skills, not just give you a chance to show off what you’ve already learned. It’s the same as with the quizzes in the Udacity classroom, you get to play around and practice with them, trying them as many times as you want to or need to to keep growing. Everything you do at Udacity is intended to help you learn, and you are in the driver’s seat. Good luck with project one, and have fun.