3-3-2-14. Getting Set Up for the Mini-Project

Getting Set Up for the Mini-Project

There are two ways to code for the current Mini-Project:

  1. Workspace – You can use the Workspace provided on the very next page. The workspace already has the project instructions to follow.
  2. Your Personal Computer – You will have to use the Jupyter notebook on your PC or Mac. If you do not have the Jupyter notebook installed, refer to the Anaconda lesson for installation instructions. If you choose this option to work on the project, you may work outside the classroom, and even without an internet connection. You can find the starter code and instruction in this GitHub repository. The file to download is Mean Normalization and Data Separation.ipynb available How to download the Git repository

    Step 1. Download and install the Git for your OS Step 2. Open terminal (macOS/Linux) or Git Bash (Windows). Step 3. Run the following commands:

    # Change your directory
    cd <path_to_a_directory_where_you_want_to_download_the_repository>
    # Download the repository
    git clone https://github.com/udacity/AIPND.git
    # Go inside the downloaded repository
    cd AIPND/NumPy\ Mini-Project/
    # List the files. Did you see the `solution.ipynb` file as well? Refer to the solution only when it becomes essential. 
    # OPTIONAL STEP - Copy the .ipynb file to another directory
    cp Mean\ Normalization\ and\ Data\ Separation.ipynb <complete_path_to_the_directory_where_you_want_to_keep_this_notebook>

    Step 4. Navigate to the directory where your Mean Normalization and Data Separation.ipynb file is residing.

    # start the server
    jupyter notebook

    Load the Mean Normalization and Data Separation.ipynb file to the notebook server.