3-3-3-14. Getting Set Up for the Mini-Project

Getting Set Up for the Mini-Project

There are two ways to code for the current Mini-Project:

  1. Workspace – You can use the Workspace provided on the very next page. The workspace already has the project instructions available in a Jupyter notebook to follow.
  2. Your Personal Computer – If you choose this option to work on the project, you may work outside the classroom, and even without an internet connection. You will need to have Anaconda installed on your computer. If you don’t already have Anaconda installed on your computer, please refer to the Anaconda section to get clear instructions on installing Anaconda on your PC or Mac.Next, you will need to download the three CSV files (GOOG.csvAAPL.csv, and AMZN.csv) having the Google, Apple, and Amazon stock data respectively, in addition to the project starter-code fileStatistics from Stock Data.ipynb. You can download the CSV files either from the notebook server on the next page or from the 

    Solution to the Mini-Project – Though the notebook server also contains this mini-project solution (Statistics from Stock Data - Solution.ipynb), we urge you to give your best shot before referring to the solution.