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Welcome to the computer vision nanodegree program. I’m Suzanne Camacho, an expert in computer vision, and the curriculum lead for this program. Computer vision is how machines, like smartphones or robotic systems, visually perceive the world and respond to it. It’s modeled after human vision. For example, I can look around this room and observe my surroundings. I noticed this desk in front of me, the mug on the desk, and the floor beneath me and I can describe what’s in this room and even where I am in relation to all these objects. This is similar to how a robot might see the world. A robot can gather data through cameras and other sensors, and then use that input to identify different objects and safely move through its environment. In this course, will learn all about computer vision techniques that are used to analyze images and spatial information. We’ll also talk about deep learning and how it’s used in computer vision tasks to give machines a way to learn from data and recognize patterns in images. Before we jump into learning encoding, I’ll first go over some details about where computer vision is used in industry, and what specific skills you’ll be learning in this course.

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