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You might be wondering where computer vision fits in the world of AI. What kind of applications use computer vision? Well, computer vision is all about recognizing visual patterns and these patterns are everywhere. In fact, many of us have phones or other devices that use computer vision on a daily basis. Computer vision is used to focus a camera and apply filters to images. And deep learning models can even identify faces and images and categorize personal images and video. Computer vision is also widely used in state of the art medical technology. Some applications can even learn to recognize cancerous tissue by looking at lots of image data and learning the patterns that distinguish cancerous tissue from healthy tissue. Another example of an AI system is when we’re working on at Udacity, a self-driving car. The car sees the world through cameras and sensors, and then uses that input to safely navigate roads by itself. Computer vision is used to analyze camera images and to identify objects like other cars or pedestrians. It’s also used to recognize where the car is on the road and in the world based on the car’s surroundings. So, here computer vision is not only used to identify objects, it’s also used to build up a physical model of the world. These are just a few impact for applications of computer vision. Next, I’ll talk about the skills you’ll be learning in this course that will allow you to build computer vision applications of your own.

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