5 – 4 HSA Learning In The Classroom V3 Demov1 V3

In this program, you’ll learn from a variety of materials. instructional videos, quizzes, Python Code Notebooks, and projects. To get the most out of this course, it will be helpful to know what to expect from each of these sources. Videos, like you’ve already seen are short informational lectures. Some videos explain the theory behind a computer vision concept like image transformation, and others show a practical code implementation. We make the video short, to isolate individual concepts, and make it easy to review. So, feel free to pause and write notes, or watch a video multiple times, if that helps you. The program is self-paced, so you can decide for yourself how many videos to watch in one sitting and when to take a break. Now, it’s hard to know if you’ve gained knowledge from these videos, unless you can apply that knowledge later on. That’s why we built in three types of practice. First, in-between some of the videos, you’ll find what we call quizzes. A quiz is typically a question that gets you actively thinking about the material you’ve been taking in. Quizzes are meant to give you a quick indication of your own skill level and progress. If you struggle with a quiz, it could mean that you should spend a little more time, reviewing the concept it’s asking about. And if a quiz seems relatively easy, it should encourage you to move on. Second, in addition to quizzes, this course includes Python Notebooks for coding practice. Notebooks give you a chance to try out code, in a programming environment right in this classroom. These Notebooks are my preferred way of writing and testing out Python code, and they’re a great way to get used to running computer vision Code and testing out your own functions and applications. Finally, you’ll complete three Projects in this course. These are applications that are larger in scope than the Notebook Code examples and they give you practice, putting together multiple ideas. Projects will be Code reviewed by one of our technical reviewers. Meaning you’ll get line by line feedback on what you’re doing well, and what can be improved in your code. The project will really showcase your ability to apply the skills you’ve learned throughout this course. As you progress with this program, there are also several resources to help you keep moving forward, and you can read about those next.

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