30 – Sense And Move 2 Solution Director’SCut

Is run the program and we find that the most likely cell is the fourth cell and it makes sense because the best match of ‘red’, ‘red’ to the word is right over here, right over here. After seeing the second red, the words moved one to the right finds itself in the fourth cell as shown over here. Now, I want to celebrate with you the code that you just wrote which is a piece of software that implements the essence of Google’s self-driving cars localization approach. As I said in the beginning, it’s absolutely crucial that the car knows exactly where it is relative to the map of its road. Invite them, road isn’t painted green and red, the road has lane markers, and instead of those green and red cells over here, we plug in the color of the lane markings relative to the color of the pavement. It’s just one observation per time step, it’s an entire field of observations, entire camera image, but you can do the same with the camera image. So, as long as you correspond a camera image in your model with a camera image in your measurements. Then, a piece of code, not much more difficult than what you call it yourself, is responsible for localizing the Google self-driving car.

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