10 – 11 Untouched Fields Solution RENDER V2

And the correct answer is six for the following missing links. This guy here gives me two values in the matrix, this guy here another two and this link here is also missing. So it’s another two. So it’s six values missing. Let’s prove it to ourselves. Moving from x_0 to x_1 filter this area, from x_1 to x_2, this area. So seeing end mark L_0 from x_0 and x_1 means you fill these guys over here and the main diagonal there and seeing the other end mark from x_1 and x_2 means we fill these guys over here. So let’s count the ones that are still open and here’re the other ones. And my answer was actually wrong, it’s eight. I overlooked. There’s no direct link from L_1 to L_2 either. So my apologies that I gave you the wrong number, but it proves the utilization not an easy question. It’s harder than I thought and the reason is there’s also no direct link that constraints L_1 and L_2 directly. Landmarks can’t see. So they can’t put a direct link between any two landmarks or put differently in this part over here our matrix will always be a diagonal matrix.

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