3 – Nd113 C3 L1 04 L Lesson Overview 2 V1

Now that you’re all set up, it’s time to start writing some code. But before we jump in, we should say a couple things about how these lessons are formatted. Right. And the goal of this course is simple in some ways: translate Python code to C++. Now there’s a good amount you’ll need to learn in order to do that. But most of it isn’t very conceptually heavy. Yes, writing C++ will require you to know the syntax for a “for loop” for example, but you probably don’t need a lecture on what a “for loop” is. Sure. So with this in mind, most of the instruction in the next lessons will contain example code and text explanations. And when we do run into some unavoidable piece of something new in C++, like piling or declaring variables, for example, part of the instruction will draw on an interview I got to do with Elecia White, who literally wrote the book on embedded systems. Yeah, why don’t we show some of that interview.

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