7 – Two Functions Same Name

>> You said the header files they have function declarations. They can have a lot more. If you wanted to define a type that was the grid type, instead of using this vector vector float. Because you get kind of tired of saying that. >> I was writing that a lot, yeah. >> You can still do, type the death vector vector float grid. Type T grid usually it’s indicated as a type. And then you don’t have to type it you can just do T grid everywhere. >> That would be nice. >> It would have been nice. Much less typing. >> It’s good to know. Okay, thanks. >> You know, any time you find yourself really. >> Typing a lot. >> Typing the same thing over and over again, there’s a good chance that somebody solved this problem for you. >> Yeah. >> Finding is not as easy, but there’s a good chance it exists. >> Okay. Well, thank you.

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