15 – Error Functions Around the World

So, in this nano degree, we covered a few error functions, but there are a bunch of other error functions around the world that made the shortlist, but we didn’t have time to study them. So, here they are. These are the ones you met: there is Mount Everest and Mount Kilimanjerror. The ones you didn’t meet: there is Mt. Reinerror, he’s a big Seahawks fan. Straight from Italy, we got Mount Ves-oops-vius, and my favorite, from Iceland, we got the Eyjafvillajokull. This is the famous volcano that stopped all the European flights back in 2012. See what I did there is I took the original name which is Eyjafjallajokull and then I changed the word Jalla to Villa, which is Icelandic for error.

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