2 – 02 Skin Cancer V4

So, let’s dive in. To set the stage on, skin cancer is the most common cancer in the world. It’s not the most deadly but the most common. In the U.S., we find 5.4 million new cases of skin cancer every year. They come in different types. Some are called Carcinomas, some are called Melanomas. Melanomas are the ones that typically kill people, it’s called the black cancer. Twenty percent of Americans will eventually get skin cancer. In most cases, benign cancer. Pre-cancer also cause a Actinic Keratosis, affects 58 million Americans and many more in the world. We have, in this country, 76,000 Melanomas each year and 10,000 deaths. To put this in perspective, traffic accidents in this country are 40,000, so, you are about four times as likely to die in a traffic collision than a skin cancer. The cost for United States per year is 8.1 billion in treatment and diagnostics. Before I move on, I want to do a quiz with you, and that requires some Googling. Skin cancer comes in multiple stages from stage zero to stage four. What do you think the five-year survival probability is for stage four skin cancer? What do you think is for stage zero?

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