25 – Confusion Matrix

And it was also misclassify in an experiment where we looked at nine various classification for different types of disease, including cancers which is class seven and class eight. The bit of what’s called a confusion matrix. A confusion matrix is, suppose something is of class A, what is the probability of the network saying class B? Okay. So we eat a b c d e f g 0 – 8 in this case, you get a probability of confusion. The main diagonal means nothing is confused. In any value of the main diagonal, shows high confusion. And what we find is, that dermatologists have a higher confusion factor than known volts that represents what consistent in its assessment. There’s very systematic ways in which many of us might get a result wrong. But if you look just visually at the confusion matrix here, dermatologist are much more inclined to misclassifying cases than the normal. There’s an interesting side finding and that’s one of the reasons why our C curve, our sensitivity specificity ends up to be so much better than most dermatologist.

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