2 – M4 L2 C02 Introduction To Multi Agent Systems V1

In this video, we are going to get an understanding of multi-agent systems. Multi-agent systems are present everywhere around us, be it early in the morning when you’re making your way through traffic to get to work or when your favorite soccer players are competing in a game or when a swarm of bees is trying to build a comb in your garden. Let’s consider a scenario where an autonomous car is driving you to office. The aim is to reach office quickly and safely. Anytime it wants to accelerate, break or change lanes, it does so while considering the other cars in its vicinity. Other cars do the same. All of them are trying to enhance their driving skills on the go as they get more and more driving experience. Contrast this with a scenario where your car is the only car on the road. The fact that now it doesn’t have to interact with other cars makes driving much simpler. This is nothing but a multi-agent system where multiple agents interact with one another. Agents may or may not know everything about all the others in the system. A multi-agent system is more complex than a single bond as illustrated before. In the next few videos, we’ll dive deeper into this topic.

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