4 – M4 L2 C04 Applications Of Multi Agent Systems V2

In this video, we will discuss some potential real-life applications of multi-agent systems. A group of drones or robots whose aim is to pick up a package and drop it to the destination is a multi-agent system. In the stock market, each person who is trading can be considered as an agent and the profit maximization process can be modeled as a multi-agent problem. Interactive robots or humanoids that interact with humans and get some task done are nothing but multi-agent systems if we consider humans to be agents. Windmills in a wind farm can be thought of as multiple agents. It would be cool if all the agents, that is, the wind turbines figured out the optimal direction to face by themselves, and obtained maximum energy from the wind farm. The aim here is to collaboratively maximize the profit obtained from the wind farm. These are some of the many cases where multi-agent systems can be used. In the next video, we will discuss some benefits that come with having multiple agents in a system. See you there.

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