1 – Introduction

Now we’re going to go to C++. C++ is the language of choice for embedded systems like the stuff that runs on small processors inside a self-driving car. Now in the beginning it’ll be scary to see a complete different syntax, a different language almost go from Chinese to Japanese is hard. But as you get more familiar with a different syntax, you find that the underlying tools are exactly the same, whether you do it in Python or in C++, it’s just at C++ runs faster. So in this unit, we’re going to turn you into a monkey, into a robot, okay? So you’re going to see things written in Python, and we’re going to ask you to translate it to C++ so that you lose any fear of different syntax and become very, very fluid in jumping back and forth between two different programming languages. And I promise you, at the end of the class, you’ll find out they’re basically the same, they’re just written differently. But the underlying concepts are equivalent. And that’s a great way to understand programming languages.

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