1 – Intro NLP

Hi, and welcome to the Natural Language Processing Nanodegree. My name is Luis Serrano and I’m the curriculum leader at the School of Artificial Intelligence at Udacity. We are delighted to have you with us in this journey. Natural language Processing is one of the most exciting and fastest growing applications in machine learning. And by being here, you are a part of this revolution. This Nanodegree will have three main parts. In the first part, you will learn the basics of language processing and some very interesting probabilistic algorithms. You will then have the chance to shine in the project, building a model for part of speech tagging using hidden Markov models. In the second part, you will go deeper into some of the most exciting deep learning based language models. For the project, you’ll be building a machine translation model using deep neural networks. And in the third part, you’ll learn speech recognition and voice user interface. For the project, you’ll be building an end-to-end speech recognition model using deep neural networks. We have some great instructors who will guide you along the way. Aside from myself, we’ll have Arpan Chakraborty. Arpan enjoys building computer vision and machine learning courses at Georgia Tech and Udacity. Jay Alamar is a computer scientist and investment principle with a very popular machine learning blog. Dana Sheahen is an electrical engineer with a master’s in computer science, and a love for all things AI. So, let’s dive in and become an expert in Natural Language Processing

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