1 – Meet the Careers Team

Hi, am Kathleen, I lead the career team at Udacity. We support students in their job search. The careers team knows what employers are looking for in a job candidate and we want to work with you to market yourself as the best person for the job, whether it’s a new role or a promotion at your current company. You need to be proactive in your career development to be job ready at graduation. For this reason, career services are available throughout your Nanodegree experience. It’s important to remember, while you’re here to learn the technical skills for a job, it’s equally important to know how to communicate those skills to an employer through an application, your online profiles, and in interviews. Let’s meet the Careers team will be with you along the way. Hi I’m Rachel. Along with a network of career mentors, our team is here to help you from when you begin to look for jobs until you accept your job offer. Career support is present at different stages throughout your Nanodegree and we encourage you to go through all of them regardless of where you are in your job search. Udacity career services include guides, lessons, and personalized feedback on topics like talking to recruiters, interviewing, and optimizing your online profiles. I’m Trinh. In order to graduate career ready, you should continuously work on your career development. Like with all learning, beginning something earlier means you’re more prepared when it’s time to apply that learning. When your dream job pops up, you want to be ready for it. Hi, I’m Kirsten, and I head up employer relations at Udacity. Once you’ve completed the career curriculum, you’ll be ready to apply to jobs and talk with employers. Udacity partners with industry leading companies, who are looking to hire skilled and passionate people, like you. Having hiring partners means you’ll have direct and preferential exposure at these companies. This will help give you a leg up in your job search, as you explore your career options and develop a career path you need to you, your passion, your location, and other career goals. After you complete your first core Nanodegree projects, you’ll then be prompted to begin your career development with us. We’ll be there with you from then on as you explore your career options and pursue your dream role. We look forward to working with you.

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