2 – Welcome to NLP

Welcome to Natural Language Processing. Language is an important medium for human communication. It allows us to convey information, express our ideas, and give instructions to others. Some philosophers argue that it enables us to form complex thoughts and reason about them. It may turn out to be a critical component of human intelligence. Now consider the various artificial systems we interact with every day, phones, cars, websites, coffee machines. It’s natural to expect them to be able to process and understand human language, right? Yet, computers are still lagging behind. No doubt, we have made some incredible progress in the field of natural language processing, but there is still a long way to go. And that’s what makes this an exciting and dynamic area of study. In this lesson you will not only get to know more about the applications and challenges in NLP, you will learn how to design an intelligent application that uses NLP techniques and deploy it on a scalable platform. Sounds fun? Let’s get started.

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