12 – NLPND POS 11 Viterbi Algorithm Idea V1

So in the last video, we saw a method of removing paths which brought our calculations down from 81 paths to four. But that was still a bit lucky and it required a lot of thinking. We want a better algorithm. So let’s think. Let’s look at only these two paths and let’s merge them. So now, what happens at say this point. There are two ways to get to that point. And here are the two ways. And the probabilities for the mini path in the left is much smaller than that of the mini path on the right. So, we’re really just concerned with the mini path on the right, and we can forget about the other one. At the end of the day, that’s what we want. For every possible state, we will record the highest probability path that ends in that state. This known as the Viterbi algorithm. We’ll develop it more thoroughly in the next video.

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