1 – Intro

Hi, this is Louis. Welcome to the Sentiment Analysis section. Sentiment Analysis is probably one of the most popular uses of natural language processing these days. Sentiment Analysis has become an important tool for many purposes. For example: understanding customer sentiment around the company for making investment decisions, getting a feedback signal for social media and advertising campaigns, as a quantitative measure for book and movie reviews, and so on. This will be a short section since the topic is simple once you know classification algorithms, but it will have two labs. Both labs will train a classifier and movie reviews in the Internet Movie Database or IMDB dataset. The first lab will do it with a regular supervised learning classifier by looking at a review as an unorganized collection of words. The second lab will exploit the sequentiality of the sentences and will train a more accurate classifier using a recurring neural network. If you need a refresher on recurrent neural networks, please check the extracurricular material in the Nanodegree for a full refresher section on RNN’s and one LSDM’s.

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