4-2-1-1. Intro


Hi again! Now, we know all there is about training and optimizing neural networks, and we’ve actually trained a few of them in NumPy, But this is not what we normally do in real life. There are many packages which will make our life much easier. The two main ones that we’ll learn in this course are Keras and TensorFlow. In this lesson, we’ll learn to use Keras.

The way we’ll learn is by writing lots of code and building lots of models. We’ll start by building a simple neural network that will solve the XOR problem. Then, we’ll build a bigger neural network that will analyze the student data that we have analyzed in a previous section.

And finally, we’ll have a lab in which you’ll be able to build a neural network yourself, which will process text, and make predictions on the sentiment of movie reviews in IMDB.

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