1 – PyTorch 10 Install V1

So, just a quick note about PyTorch. The features I’m demonstrating in this lesson, are only available from PyTorch 1.0. At the time I am recording these videos, hydro 20.0 is not the stable version of PyTorch. So, if you install PyTorch the normal way, so you go to their website, and you click on all these stuff, and you choose Stable, you’re actually going to get PyTorch version 0.4. So, if you want to use these new features, right now, you need to click on preview, over here. Once you do that, you can choose your appropriate platform, how you want to install it, and then you copy this command, and run it in your terminal. So, you have just to keep this in mind; if you’re trying to use these new features, and for some reason they’re not available, be sure to check what version of PyTorch you’re using. So, you’ll need to use at least, PyTorch 1.0, to actually use these new scripting, and tracing features. Cheers.

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