[What is Literature?] 1. For Everyday People’s Literature 1.1. In Search of Lost Literature

Let’s not be afraid. Literature is not like an unidentified flying object whose identity is unknown. No matter how special and unusual it may seem, literature has lived with our everyday people, and it’s nothing more than what people who live together want to hear and talk to our everyday people.

Let’s say there is a person called a writer. But they are just like us, laugh, talk, drink, and go to bed at night. Therefore, literature is nothing more than a story where everyday people like us live.

You can’t even look at it with a strange eye. It is clear that literature is an elaborately woven language structure, but is the language of the moon or star country? Not at all, it’s the very word we use all the time, and it’s just the way it is.

It is only a misunderstanding or prejudice to think that literature is in some extraordinary language. There is no literature that ordinary people cannot understand in our language, and there is no literature that ordinary people cannot create.

It’s not right to say I don’t know. Just as there is no reason for heaven to particularly have sent a literary person, it is obvious that no one has made it impossible to understand literature at all. Of course, there are experts. They are those who have been seriously thinking about it and have long been engaged in the work, and their abilities must be acknowledged.

However, just as the fact that there are experts who build and fix cars does not mean that cars are their own, the idea that literature is unique to talented professionals in that direction is not right.

It’s useless to be afraid, “How do I read literature?” It should be noted that even three-year-olds have literature of three-year-olds, just as their philosophy is. It is easy to understand this part if you pay attention to the fact that everyone is structuring their own perceptions and emotions in their own language. That’s why children’s nursery rhymes may contain fresh world perceptions.

A literary man is a man who can refine and deepen it. Masterpieces and masterworks are also the result of hanging on the edge of the ‘something more,’ not from a distant universe that humans cannot go to.

Therefore, with a little attention, literature can be recognized and enjoyed, and in doing so, our lives are enriched. It will be easy to understand if you refer to the fact that there is a big difference in fun between knowing the rules of baseball and the tricks of management when watching a baseball game.

In the case of literature, it is no different that enjoying baseball is not necessarily the only fun thing to be a player. Baseball and literature are also the same in view of the fact that both of them enrich our lives.

Therefore, this article is called ‘the literature of everyday people’ in hopes that everyday life will be enriched through literature.

We, ordinary people, want to be just ordinary and live like that, whoever we are. Therefore, this article seeks literature but does not aim for a brilliant investigation or a pedantic explanation.

Literature has become a difficult thing while speaking literature in jargon that has become like the slang of ginseng-diggers, and the original appearance of literature has gone missing due to the side branches filtered out by change lovers.

We seek to find the root of this lost literature and taste its primary touch. I just want to understand the literature by looking for clues in our daily lives, but only notice that literature is the daily life itself and nothing less. In this regard, this article will be closer to the appearance of the literary theory.

Therefore, another name for this article will be ‘In search of lost literature.’

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