3 – M1L2 02 Stock Prices V7

So say, you want a chance to reap the potential financial rewards of investment in stock. Where do you start? Well, usually, you find a brokerage. A brokerage company functions as a middleman connecting buyers and sellers. However, they usually charge fees to complete transactions. It is also sometimes possible to buy stock directly from … Read more

2 – M1L2 01 Stock Pt II V1

Let’s take a moment to clarify the meaning of some words you might hear when discussing stock. A security is a financial instrument that has some type of monetary value. Some securities that you might have heard of are stocks, bonds, and options. Securities can be classified into three broad types; debt securities, derivative securities, … Read more

1 – M1L2 01 Stocks V6

You’ve probably heard of stocks and shares before. In this lesson, we’re going to discuss stocks and stock prices. We’ll also clarify the meaning of some of the words you’ll hear when discussing them. Shares of stock represent fractional ownership in a company. If you own one share of a company stock and the stock … Read more