3 – Types of Machine Learning – Unsupervised & Reinforcement

Looking at the next category of machine learning, unsupervised learning creates models for data when there are no preexisting labels to train on. So, in a sense, it can be called unsupervised. It turns out that the applications for these techniques are pretty vast, from reducing a dataset to a fewer number of useful features, … Read more

2 – Types Of Machine Learning Supervised V1

Machine Learning has three main categories, Supervised, Un-supervised, and Reinforcement Learning. In Supervised Machine Learning, our algorithms learn from labeled data. After studying the labeled data, these techniques are able to determine which label should be given to new data, based on observing patterns, and associating those patterns to new unlabeled data. Supervised Learning can … Read more

1 – L1 01 HS Welcome To M7 V2

Welcome back. Right now, we’re two projects into the term with two more to go. So far, you’ve mainly learned about basic and advanced techniques in natural language processing that you can use to generate alpha signals from alternative data. Now we’re going to switch gears a little bit and think about combining several alpha … Read more