9 – Hill Climbing Quiz 2 Solution

Particle 1 starts at seven and with a step size of two, it reaches the peak of 10, with one step. Particle 2 starts at eight, it goes towards the peak, but then it oscillates around the peak because the step size is too large. Particle 3 starts at 10, follows this upward gradient, but … Read more

5 – Hill Climbing Quiz Solution

Particle 1 starts at x=1 and follows a positive gradient up, but then it gets stuck at the shoulder where y=2. Particle 2 starts at x=8 and follows a positive gradient up, but it gets stuck at this local maximum at y=6. Particle 3 starts at x=9 and follows the positive gradient in the right … Read more

10 – Local Beam Search

While we´re on this topic, I’d like to talk about local beam search. Because we’ll use it later in the course. >> Okay, it’s your show after all. >> The local beam search, instead of just using one position, which I’ll call particle, just because that’s how I think of it. We’ll keep track of … Read more