26 – Conclusion

Now we publish this result in the journal Nature. In fact, it became a cover of Nature. At the time, it was the fourth most discussed nature paper ever. And it really raised a lot of questions. What is the future of medicine look like if effectively, a camera-based system can outperform the best human doctors? Now what I want to caution here a little bit because this is a study done on images alone. And a doctor does much more than just looking at images. He knows the patient. There would be an impression of the patient and so on. But still, a shocking an image-based said that effectively, an iPhone does as well as a highly paid doctor. And that discussion is ongoing. The reason why I want you to do this on your own now in an exercise and experience the same phenomena with this more data set is because, what you’re learning here in this class, in Deep Learning has the potential to massively change how the society works. Many of us, many of us do the same repetitive task every day, in and out. We might be lawyers doing contract drafting or a legal document discovery. You might be doctors trying to catch cancer. You might be truck drivers driving trucks. Pilots flying planes. Researchers doing financial investment research on the web. Brokers, insurance brokers. All of us do the same thing over and over again. And what AI can do with us, it can make us super human. Given the capability of the best of demontologist and give it to everybody. The capabilities of the best accountants and give it to everybody. The capabilities of the best salespeople and give it to everybody. That’s going to be the pure illusion. And by you taking this course and learning how to apply deeply and interesting problems. You can make people superhuman and you can probably build a business almost everywhere, where people do highly repetitive office work. I believe Deep Learning will make people five, ten, 20 times as efficient and as you become more efficient, our jobs will change. A long time ago, a U.S. farmer was able to feed about four people. Today, one farmer can feed 155 people in the world. Today, an account might have 10 clients and 20 clients. In the future might be 150 clients, a thousand clients. If you think about this, the potential of these technology is unbelievable.

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